nuno and stitch

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about us

Hello! Thank you for stopping by our little shop "nuno and stitch". We are based in Melbourne, Australia and happy to introduce simple and beautiful products from Japan to you. Our specialty is TENUGUI, which is a piece of fabric that can be used in various ways for sewing, decorating and wrapping! You can read more about us in our blog "stitch by stitch" and learn about TENUGUI here.

what is "nuno and stitch"?

"Nuno" means "fabric" in Japanese. For me, nuno is not just a piece of fabric, but something that always gives inspiration and stimulates my creative mind. I rememer going to a fabric shop with my mum when I was little - all the different colours and patterns fascinated me from the start and, after all these years, I'm still attracted to nuno. Sometimes I go to a fabric shop with a paticular project, like making a cushion, and end up buying heaps more fabric for other stuff. Beautiful fabrics inspire me. My image of "Stitch" is that it makes shapes out of flat things and sometimes joins two things together. For me, this symbolises people's work with fabric. Hopefully the products you find in my shop (not just fabrics) will inspire you and you can find great uses for them through your own creativity!