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Japanese traditional colour chopsticks - Momo


These beautiful chopsticks are made in Obama City, Fukui, which is famous for Wakasa lacquered chopsticks. 80% of lacquered chopsticks in Japan are made in this city. Traditionally made lacquered chopsticks are not that easy to handle, but if you look after them well, you can use them for a long time.


All the lovely colours are based on the Japanese traditional colors- a collection of colours traditionally used in Japanese textiles, art and crafts.


Momo – peach flower colour






Material: bamboo, urushi



How to look after you chopsticks


Traditional Japanese chopsticks are made of wood and coated by a lacquer called “urushi”, made from tree sap. To keep the beautiful coating and use your chopsticks for a long time, please follow these instructions. 1. Please do not put them in dishwasher. 2. Please do not leave them in the sink for long. 3. After use, gently wash with a soft sponge and dry them soon. 4. Keep them in a place where you can avoid direct sunlight, heat or moisture. Enjoy your chopsticks!

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