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bow ties


one-of-a-kind tenugui bow ties

Musubu verb. to tie, knot, connect  

Musubi-tai - want to connect/tie. 

This cute bow tie, “Musubi-Tie-Pin”, is part of a project by the PReNippon organization. This organization was made with the aim to connect traditional Japanese materials and skills with happiness for the community.


The material of Musubi-Tie-Pins are non-standard products from a TENUGUI factory in Osaka. These TENUGUI are hand dyed by skilled craftsman, using the traditional Japanese dyeing method of “CHUSEN”.


People with disabilities, who work at Arakawa Himawari No.2 (a welfare office in Tokyo), sew these bow ties one by one. This helps them to develop and diversify their skills, enabling them to make a wider range of products.

What is PRe Nippon?

PRe Nippon was established in 2012 to collaborate with welfare offices in solving various challenges and creating positive value for society. PRe Nippon also launched the “Ancient craftsman foundation”, which raises money for craftsmanship training in Japan.

bow tie making
bow tie making
bow ties for kids
bow ties for spring carnival

nuno and stitch Musubi-Tie-Pin Collection