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What is TENUGUI?

TENUGUI is a type of Japanese cotton fabric, hand-dyed by using a traditional method called Chusen. These were originally made as hand towels, but because of their "handy" size (typically 35cm x 90cm),great functionality and colourful designs, they began to be used in many different ways.

What’s good about TENUGUI?

Modern TENUGUI designs can be very beautiful, so they aren't just used for practical purposes, but also for wall hangings and as works of art. There is no hem for TENUGUI, so it dries evenly and quickly. This is excellent from the aspect of hygiene if you’re using it for a tea towel, hand towel or for sports. Unlike other printing methods, the special hand-dyeing method makes it possible to dye both sides of the cloth evenly, so if you’re using this for a little curtain, it looks nice both from the outside and the inside!

Some ideas for TENUGUI use


Wash lightly by hand, wring and leave to dry after use. The unique texture of the tenugui makes it easy to  wring by hand.


Why not use a tenugui to wrap a bottle of wine or sake to add a touch of originality to your gift? It is also practical to wrap your lunch box in. 

Place mat/ table runner

The artistic design and patterns of the tenugui make it an ideal place mat or table runner. Add a touch of colour to your table!


Chusen tenugui with its identical patterns on both sides make it an ideal scarf. It is soft on the skin and comfortable to wear.


A tenugui will make a nice and unique gift for your friends. Present it with your knowledge of the tenugui to complete a perfect gift. 

wall decoration

Tenugui used to be used to compare fashion senses. Frame it or hang it on your wall to add to the style of your room.